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Ro.ial S.r.l. - Production of disposable items
Ro.ial. LTD leader at European level in the field of production of disposable non-woven and dry paper, with more than 4,000 tons of material processed within a year, in its own production facilities, on a total surface area of 12,000 square meters.

The reference position in the market in which the Ro.ial., Which is the exclusive wholesaler, was achieved gradually over the past 16 years, thanks to its modern and advanced organization, its facilities and high-tech performance in conjunction with the highly motivated and qualified staff.

Ro.ial. now offers five lines of disposable products: line restoration, aesthetic line, line hairdresser, industrial line, online health hospital. There are lines that represent, in their kind, the ultimate expression of efficiency and practicality, because manufactured using the latest technology and the use of raw materials of high quality to meet every user's needs professionally.

The relentless pursuit of technical Ro.ial., Allows us to offer the best in the field of disposable and market conditions more competitive.

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