SELIAR synergy color hair color cream 100 ml

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Permanent Color in Cream - Synergy of Silk, Linen, Argan Keratin.
Permanent hair color in cream without Ammonia and without Paraphenylenediamine, enhanced with a special Natural Synergy of Keratin, Argan and Linseed Oils and Silk Proteins.

cream color 1: 1,5 activator in cream;
super lightening color cream 1: 2 activator in cream.

mix in a non-metallic bowl 50 ml of synergy color with 75 ml of synergy activator cream.
Super lighteners: 50 ml of synergy color + 100 ml synergy activator cream.

Application: distribute the mixture evenly on dry unwashed hair, leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse: at the end of the exposure time, emulsify carefully, then rinse the hair thoroughly until the water becomes clear then apply the seliar nourishing shampoo.