New Sale! Maschera echosline capelli cheratinica ricostruzione molecolare KI POWER 1000 ml

Mask keratin molecular reconstruction 1000ml Ki Power Echosline


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It nourishes and plumps the hair making it full-bodied, reconstituted, elastic, shiny, soft, silky and easy to comb. Its acid PH formulation perfectly closes the hair scales.


Apply to wet hair, leave on for 5 minutes under a heat source, then rinse.

Professional advice:

Start with a first application of shampoo, distributing it carefully on damp hair to eliminate impurities present on the hair effectively. Emulsify and rinse. Proceed to a second application of shampoo in order to open the scales of the hair and thus prepare it to receive the reconstruction treatment.

Proceed carefully to apply the lotion. The application must be carried out strand by strand starting from the occipital part and carefully massaging the hair from the tips to the roots. Apply a cap. Leave on for 5 minutes under a heat source (lamps, helmet or hairdryer with diffuser).

Finish the service by applying the Ki-Power mask strand by strand and massaging the hair from roots to ends (reverse movement).
Leave on for 5 minutes under a heat source, allowing the silicones to "fix" on the hair, trapping the active ingredients (KI-POWER COMPLEX). After the exposure time, comb the hair gently with a wooden comb to avoid the electrostatic effect.