New Shampoo anticaduta 250ml +Fiale anticaduta 12x10ml Retrò specifc

250ml Fall Shampoo + 12x10ml Anti-Fault Retro Specifc


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Anti-final shampoo Specifically formulated to counteract the hair loss, retro.Specific Terapyhair Anti-final shampoo, thanks to its rich formulation of selection components as an extract of vegetable origin, amino acids and vitamins, used regularly stimulates the natural hair growth cycle. Placenthair vials Shock formula for treatment against hair fall. The compound enriched with caffeine, aloe and panthenol stimulates the skin by feeding it deeply, contrasting the wilderness of the hair. Its stimulating function also helps the reducing of the hair. Directions for use: apply on clean skin, dab with finger fingertips, do not rinse. Apply 2 vials a week for 3 weeks, and then 1 vials a week until the package is complete.

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