New Sale! Echos Line Seliar - Conditioner bifasico all'argan e filtro solare 300 ml

Echos Line Seliar - Two-phase conditioner with argan and solar filter 300 ml


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SELIÀR originates from a wise and ancient blend:
Argan oil: protects, illuminates, nourishes and strengthens the hair. Rich in Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant

natural, acts as a barrier against aging, defending the hair from free radicals
Linseed Oil: known for its magical smoothing properties, it makes hair soft, silky and

beautifully bright
Silk proteins: effective for their nourishing and restructuring properties, they give body and vigor

without weighing it down

How to use:
1. For a protective and polishing action: apply a few drops of the product to dry hair,

distributing them evenly
2. For an anti-frizz, detangling and conditioning action: apply a few drops of the product

on damp / towel-dried hair, then proceed with drying and styling
3. To enhance and revive the brilliance of color and the brightness of reflections: add

5-7 ml of product to the color mixture and proceed with the application as usual

Seliàr contains the ideal of beauty in a secret of natural origin!

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