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Seliàr is the new source of beauty for Argan oil hair by Echosline.

A precious fluid of ancient origins, a cosmetic secret of the women who live in the arid lands of Morocco, it releases a polishing, silky and unique restorative power in a few drops. It gives the hair brightness and lightness, reinforcing it, revitalizing it and protecting it from aging and from the aggression of free radicals and external factors such as atmospheric agents, smoke and smog. Seliàr comes in 3 different formats: Seliàr 150 ml, Seliàr Display 15 pcs x 30 ml, Seliàr Sachet 3 ml.

SELIÀR reveals the secret of eternal beauty:
• Returns shine to dull and dull hair
• Smoothens glassy hair giving it silkiness and softness for a long time
• Gives vigor to weakened and powerless hair
• Gives body to thin and weak hair
• Disciplines large and rebellious hair
• Districts, facilitating folding and combing
• Performs an effective anti-frizz function
• Repair / revitalize dry, treated and damaged hair
• Nourishes dry skin
• Protects all types of hair from UV rays, aggression of external agents and the formation of free radicals (antioxidant action)
• It is absorbed quickly
• It does not grease and leaves no residue
• Ensures deep hydration
• In mixture with the color it enhances and brightens the brilliance
• Eliminate split ends

SELIÀR originates from a wise and ancient blend:
Argan oil: protects, illuminates, nourishes and strengthens the hair. Rich in Vitamin E, a powerful natural antioxidant, it acts as a barrier against aging, protecting hair from free radicals
Linseed Oil: known for its magical smoothing properties, it makes the hair soft, silky and beautifully luminous
Silk Proteins: effective for their nourishing and restructuring properties, they give body and vigor without weighing it down

How to use:
1. For a protective and polishing action: apply a few drops of product to dry hair, distributing them evenly
2. For an anti-frizz, detangling and conditioning action: apply a few drops of product to damp / towel-dried hair, then proceed to dry and fold
3. To enhance and revive the brightness of the color and the brightness of the reflections: add 5-7 ml of product to the color mixture and proceed with the application as usual

Seliàr encloses the ideal of beauty in a secret of natural origin!

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